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Nail's Standardized packs

Page history last edited by Dennis Nail 2 years, 11 months ago Saved with comment

Many thanks to Nail for standardizing all major league seasons under a common standard, and including a ton of extra content! More content to come.


Seasons Description  Credit  Date  Size Comments 
 Standardized Seasons.zip    All seasons from 1900-2016  nail62  May 2017  3.81 MB   


Photopacks Description  Credit  Date  Size  Comments 
Photopack 1900.zip     nail62       
Photopack 1901.zip     nail62   
Photopack 1902.zip   nail62  
Photopack 1903.zip   nail62  
Photopack 1904.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1905.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1906.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1907.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1908.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1909.zip     nail62       
Photopack 1910.zip     nail62       
Photopack 1911.zip     nail62       
Photopack 1912.zip     nail62       
Photopack 1913.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1914.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1915.zip   nail62 July 2017    
Photopack 1916.zip
  nail62 April 2018    
Photopack 1919.zip     nail62       
Photopack 1920.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1921.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1922.zip   nail62      
Photopack 1927.zip   nail62      
Photopack 2016.zip   nail62 July 2017    


Logos and stadiums  Description  Credit  Date  Size  Comments 
Logos.zip   All team logos  nail62  May 2017  22 MB   
Stadiums Alameda to Crosley.zip   All stadiums A-C  nail62  May 2017  29 MB   
Stadiums Dodger to Jarry.zip   All stadiums D-J  nail62  May 2017  12 MB   
Stadiums Kauffman to Nationals.zip   All stadiums K-N  nail62  May 2017  12 MB   
Stadiums Olympic to Shibe.zip All stadiums O-Sh nail62 May 2017 14 MB  
Stadiums Sicks to Yankee.zip All stadiums Si-Y nail62 May 2017 21 MB  




Comments (2)

Dennis Nail said

at 7:31 am on Jun 28, 2017

Please note that the Stadium.TXT file is located in the last Stadium pack Stadiums Sicks to Yankee. All Stadiums and logos have been linked in the Standardized Seasons. For the Stadiums and Logos to appear correctly during game play, all the stadiums and logos need to be downloaded.

Dennis Nail

Dennis Nail said

at 10:19 am on Apr 26, 2018

Added the 1916 Photopack

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