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Other seasons

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College-32.zip 32 "College" Teams Tom O'Toole June 29, 2019 130 KB Major leaguers who attended these colleges.
1617Col.zip 2016-2017 Colombian Winter League Mischa Gelman February 22, 2017 8 KB Star players are Javier Ortiz, Ismael Castro, Gerson Montilla
2016Euro.zip 2016 European Interleague (Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary) Mischa Gelman November 17, 2016 9 KB Top performers are Tomas Biskorovajny, Andrija Tomic, Trevor Caughey
1415PR.zip 2014-2015 Puerto Rican Winter League Mischa Gelman January 28, 2015 13 KB Ivan Maldonado sets a league record for ERA (0.39)
2014Spain.zip 2014 Division de Honor (Spain) Mischa Gelman November 18, 2014 15 KB Top players are Oscar Angulo, Leslie Nacar, David Paisano, Zael Honora.
1314ven.zip 2013-2014 Venezuelan Winter League Mischa Gelman May 22, 2014 17 KB Alex Cabrera sets a new Venezuelan League home run record. Also includes Bobby Abreu, Ramon Hernandez among others
13Belg.zip 2013 First Division (Belgium)
Mischa Gelman March 14, 2014 10 KB Key stars are Steven De Lannoy, Kenny Vandenbranden and Jamie Verheyleweghen
2012cz.zip 2012 Extraliga (Czech Republic)
Mischa Gelman May 28, 2014 11 KB Former major leaguers Pat Ahearne and Greg McCarthy are present. Top local stars include Jakub Malik, Martin Schneider
2011CPBL.zip 2011 Chinese Professional Baseball League (Taiwan) Mischa Gelman August 21, 2014 11 KB Hung-Yu Lin becomes the first CPBL catcher to win the MVP award, leading in homers and RBI
2010Sweden.zip 2010 Elitserien (Sweden) Mischa Gelman July 30, 2014 12 KB Top local players include Magnus Pilegard, Joakim Claesson, Philip Gajzler
2009KBO.zip 2009 Korea Baseball Organization Mischa Gelman December 16, 2009 16 KB Joon-hyuk Yang becomes the league's all-time home run king.
2009France.zip 2009 Division Elite (France) Mischa Gelman July 7, 2014 11 KB

Includes Joris Bert (first minor leaguer born and raised in France), Keino Perez, Anthony Piquet

2008i.zip 2008 Italian Baseball League David Young April 27, 2009 12 KB Features Giovanni Carrara, Frank Menechino, Manny Alexander
2008bund.zip 2008 Bundesliga-1 (Germany) Mischa Gelman September 28, 2008 25 KB Enorbel Marquez throws a perfect game. Mike Hartley becomes the first ex-big leaguer to play in Germany.
.0708cuba.zip 2007-2008 Cuban Serie Nacional Mischa Gelman June 3, 2008 29 KB Alexei Bell sets the Cuban single-season home run record. Pedro Luis Lazo becomes the all-time win leader in Cuban league play.
2007Italy.zip 2007 Serie A1 (Italy) David Young  (ed. Mischa Gelman) January 27, 2008 12 KB Features Giovanni Carrara, Jason Conti, Andrew Lorraine.
2006hoof.zip 2006 Hoofdklasse Honkbal (Dutch top league) Mischa Gelman March 8, 2007 14 KB Neptunus's run of 7 straight titles ends. Richard Orman becomes the all-time leader in wins by a left-hander.


2006 Hawaii Winter League

Mischa Gelman

March 7, 2007

10 KB

The league is revived after 8 years off.


1999 Russian League

Mischa Gelman

March 7, 2007

11 KB

Alexandr Nizov wins a Triple Crown

9697abl.zip 1996-1997 Australian Baseball League Mischa Gelman January 19, 2008 12 KB Features Dave Nilsson, Kevin Millwood and Gary Matthews Jr.
1991Italy.zip 1991 Serie A1 (Italy) Mischa Gelman January 1 2015 14 KB Roberto Bianchi becomes Italy's only two-time Triple Crown winner
1961Italy.zip 1961 Serie A (Italy) Mischa Gelman August 4 2015 11 KB Giulio Glorioso wins a pitching Triple Crown and a batting title and sets an ERA record that stands for 50 years



Mischa Gelman

March 7, 2007

15 KB

Bonnie Baker becomes the only full-time female manager in league history


1949-1950 Cuban Winter League

Henri Roca

March 7, 2007

8 KB

Roberto Ortiz and Don Lenhardt each homer 15 times, breaking the 11-year-old record of Josh Gibson.



Mischa Gelman

March 7, 2007

12 KB

Sophie Kurys swipes 201 bases, the league record



Mischa Gelman

March 7, 2007

8 KB

The first season of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

1935NNL.zip 1935 Negro National League Mischa Gelman November 10, 2014 12 KB Leroy Matlock goes 13-0 (box scores available for 7-0). *MISSING SCHEDULE FILE*
2728cuba.zip 1927-1928 Cuban Winter League Mischa Gelman June 27, 2014 6 KB

Martin Dihigo wins the league's first MVP. Also includes Pop Lloyd, Jud Wilson, Oscar Charleston, Bill Foster, Judy Johnson


1923 Negro National League

Mischa Gelman

Patrick Rock

March 7, 2007

19 KB

Heavy Johnson wins a Triple Crown to lead the Kansas City Monarchs to their first title.

0708CWL.zip   1907-1908 Cuban Winter League
Mischa Gelman
September 8 2015
7 KB
Jose Mendez makes his pro debut by going 8-0 with a 0.48 ERA


1907 Cuban Winter League

Mischa Gelman

March 7, 2007

7 KB

The first season with Negro League players; Pete Hill and Rube Foster included


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